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I am highly motivated and driven person. I am the type of person who sees what he wants and I go get it which sometimes gets me in trouble but other times is very rewarding. I am an aspiring Author, and I have book that is going to be released this fall which is soo exciting for me, and I will keep you all posted on it. I am a workaholic six to nine months out of the year then I tend to chill for a few months before starting something new lol. I LOVE SPENDING TIME W/ FAMILY AND FRIENDS, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, SPORTS, WATCHING MOVIES, READING AT BARNES AND NOBLE. I believe all things are possible if you believe in it hard enough and work for it till you get it. I love to travel. I have been to the bahamas (Atlantis resort is awesome), Italy (Milan), Dominican Republic, and throughout the East coast and Texas. My Favorite place is Disneyworld I am still a kid at heart and I just like to have fun but dont laugh at me too much because I'd have to hurt ya.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Life:Relationships- Friends, Family, and Finances

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to get along with everyone and they also seem to have great amounts of personal & financial success? They never seem to have bad days and they always seem to have a smile on their face. You might be saying to yourself, well that is just not the case with me because I have tons of up and down moments! You might say to yourself that you try to be nice to everyone you meet, but it just seems that you have a character flaw in your personality. You might even feel that you can not even have a sense a balance with those closest to you such as your friends and family. First it is understandable that you have up and down moments with family and friends, and maybe it is your personality maybe it is not, but back to the point I am trying to make here.

There is a key or principle to true personal and financial success that most people do not know about and that is the key of being "Friendly!" You might be saying, I am friendly but it is hard when the people you meet are not friendly back!. Well as true as that may be the key here is to know that you have to cultivate being friendly for your benefit more then theirs. The reason being is that it is very hard to be truly successful without incorporating people in some form or fashion. Whether it is from the perspective of being a great doctor or an author, or any other business/profession that you choose...you will be trying to get people to enjoy the process of interacting with you for a service that you render to them.

That way they will not mind paying you whatever your price is because they have a "relationship of trust" with you. So the best way to ensure success is to cultivate being friendly People pay and associate with people they relate to and who they feel that they can communicate with and truly understand them. People in their core want relationships and want to feel comfortable with the person they do business with whether it is buying your book or being treated by you. So developing the ability to be friendly is a vital character trait necessary for great achievement!

That being said, you do not have to commit all your energy or time in this function. You must be balanced and dont be a push over. Life is a bank account..if you make deposits expect to be able to make withdrawals....if you consistently make a deposit of friendship into people or serving them and they take, take, take, and never build you up then that is not a wise investment. Put them in the category of acquaintance because they might can contribute to a mutual beneficial relationship or transaction down the road but at this stage keep them at arms length distance.

You have to realize that you are in a process and that process takes time and for the driven person like us...most people will just not get you or understand your mindset. This does not give you the right to be mean it just gives you proper perspective on what each persons role is within your circle of relationships. lonely times will come but it is much like your schooling...their is a time for learning and then a time for putting into practice what you have learned.

So where does that leave you emotionally?? Well that is where being friendly, even though you might be alone, is your greatest asset. Back to the bank account...when you are nice and cultivate, genuine care and love for each other without putting a demand on a return from the individual, you are then making a deposit in your soul of love and good feelings. That is why people enjoy buying presents during the holidays, because it puts a good feeling in their heart for no other reason than doing something good for someone else that you hope makes them happy! :)

Again this takes time if it is not your nature to be nice as a habit or friendly as a habit but you will eventually be at a point where you will have developed emotional self control. It is not that you do not need other people or even want other people in your life but they will no longer have the power to dictate your emotional condition. I am confident you will achieve all you desire to accomplish because I sense the hunger within and God never puts a desire for a meal without providing the opportunity to eat! I can go on and on about this subject, but the main point I want you to understand is that cultivating your ability to be friendly and to build real relationships will bring more personal and financial wealth then you ever thought possible!!! Thanks again so much and I wish you the best in all you do!! :)

"I am persuaded that you can only go as far as the Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding that you Possess!!-Tomorrow's Dreams are accomplished by Today's Faith & Actions!!!"-Quote by Nick Ruiz




Monday, January 18, 2010

Life: Are You Frustrated???

Well I am officially back this year with the first blog of the year!! I am sorry I took so much time off from blogging, but I had a busy end to 2009. As always feel free to leave your comments and questions and I will make sure to get back to you asap :)"Are you Frustrated?" Frustration is a good thing-it tells you that what currently is; is not what should be! Right before a woman gives birth a woman becomes extremely frustrated because she knows that whats in her has to come out! Your Frustrations are...... a sign to tell you that the dream inside you is ready to come out!-Quote by Nick Ruiz :)

Many of us have had a frustrating 2009. Some of us were frustrated with finances, some frustrated with family, some of us with fitness, and some of us with our faith or spirituality. Frustration is a serious thing and it can help you or harm you. We have to realize what the frustration is telling us...Like I said before, the number one thing frustration is telling us is something on the outside is not matching with the dreams that are on the inside.

What pain frustration brings to us all, but I say to the dreamer and to the person with a strong drive to succeed it is even worse! We who believe in our Dreams and know in our souls and spirit that we have been purposed with destiny and a dream have the hardest time overcoming frustration because the heart beat of our Dreams get louder and louder each and every day.

There is an old proverb that says "hope differed makes the heart sick" and what a true statement that is!!The emotional tug that your dreams and goals pull on can almost be unbearable at times but it is at these times we must realize one important truth. That truth is you wouldn't be frustrated if you did not 100% believe that your dreams and goals were suppose to come true!!

Those of you who are parents know that when your child brings home a bad grade and you get frustrated that you are frustrated because you are 100% certain that they can do better! To the singles who are frustrated at the dating game-you also are frustrated because in your heart of hearts you know that there is something better for you out there. What about those of us trying to lose weight or who are in business-you can be frustrated because you know that you can have a better body or business if you could just get over that last hurdle!!The truth is I do not know anyone in the world who does not or has not experienced some degree of frustration!! What a way for us all to relate to one another-through our personal stories of frustration! So what can we do about this frustration?? I am glad you asked.

Back to the pregnant woman-as the time for her to give birth approaches she begins what they call nesting. A small period where us men say-"she went crazy!!" lol Just kidding. The reality is the woman begins to look at things different, she begins to rearrange everything in site. The crib next to the window gets moved to the wall, the chest by the wall gets moved to the window, and the chair next to the door gets moved out the room all together lol. Sounds comical doesn't it? The truth of the matter is it is not comical at all to the pregnant woman! So what is going on here??

The woman has realized that she is about to give birth and what she "thought" was in place to receive her child was not at all agreeing with what she sees on the inside of her or in her dreams!! I hope you are starting to get this powerful point! She realizes that she must re-evaluate the current situations and see what she has to "MOVE" in her life to be in order to receive her baby!! Then, once she has rearranged the room the baby is coming home to and it feels right-she turns to her husband and says "now I am ready!!"It is an amazing thing to watch and it is almost like a puzzle.

First she was frustrated then she put things in "order" according to what she felt was right and then she feels at peace in her soul and determines that she is now ready to give birth!! What an amazing display of clues given to us by nature!!

It gets even better, then she begins a cycle of emotional frustration again because now that things are in order she knows well it is time to get the baby out!!So one minute she is fine and the next she has lost her mind, but the Doctors say don't worry everything is normal that is just part of the "PROCESS" of giving birth! Ups and downs then more ups and downs then it is coming to the end of the process and doctors yell "PUSH"!!! After some heavy pushing, some blood, sweat and tears the baby is finally in her hands and it is like nothing ever happened...Absolutely amazing!!!

Did you see it??? Did you get the clues??? Frustration if used correctly can be one of the greatest motivating tools on earth to help you get your dreams accomplished!! It doesn't matter what the dream is:Finances, Family, Fitness, Faith, or Freetime use your frustrations as a clue that things need to be changed and put in order!Once things are in order and you feel peace again then you are ready to deliver your baby or dream.

Be ready because frustration comes back in the delivery room!! Ups and downs and then more ups and downs are not clues things are getting worse but they are clues that its time to birth that baby(DREAM!) Then when you just can not take it anymore then remember my story and WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT PUSH!!! Don't Give up you are almost there just look at the clues, get things back in order, rearrange what needs to be moved, and most importantly, when it is time PUSH!!!I hope you like this blog and always comments and questions are appreciated and welcomed!! :)


Nick Ruiz

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life:Finances Book Update

It has been a while since I last wrote a Blog but I wanted to update you Guys on the exciting Start to 2010. My Book has been picked up Nationally by Barnes and Noble and many others, and I have a Book Signing Event at Barnes & Noble on Saturday January 9th, 2010.
I want all you to get your copies Today!! 2010 is here and it is time for No More Excuses!!! Get off to a Fresh Start in every area of your life Especially your Finances!!The links below are a sample of all the sellers that have currently picked my Book up. We are being sold World Wide in France, India, Germany, Canada, Australia and even Japan!

I promise to update and write more blogs in 2010 on here and my other sister site lifesfivekeystosuccess.com-send your topic request and enjoy the book!**search?q=cache:pya3elTu0EQJ:merecal.com/releases/books/money-steps-survive-financial-crisis/527253/+1615661425&cd=31&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&ie=UTF-8









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Author: Nick Ruiz Title: Money and the 9 Steps You Need to Survive Any Financial Crisis

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