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I am highly motivated and driven person. I am the type of person who sees what he wants and I go get it which sometimes gets me in trouble but other times is very rewarding. I am an aspiring Author, and I have book that is going to be released this fall which is soo exciting for me, and I will keep you all posted on it. I am a workaholic six to nine months out of the year then I tend to chill for a few months before starting something new lol. I LOVE SPENDING TIME W/ FAMILY AND FRIENDS, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, SPORTS, WATCHING MOVIES, READING AT BARNES AND NOBLE. I believe all things are possible if you believe in it hard enough and work for it till you get it. I love to travel. I have been to the bahamas (Atlantis resort is awesome), Italy (Milan), Dominican Republic, and throughout the East coast and Texas. My Favorite place is Disneyworld I am still a kid at heart and I just like to have fun but dont laugh at me too much because I'd have to hurt ya.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life: Free Time-Just Relax!

I know I know, I have not Blogged in some time and those who read my blog are wondering why. The truth is that like many of you Life happens. Day to Day task become overwhelming, and things begin to pile up so that you just feel that you will never catch up.

Maybe you just are overworked or over-stressed? Who knows, but what I do know is that everyone needs a break sometime. You just can not keep going and going with out taking sometime to just relax.

That is what this quick blog is about-Free Time to just Relax! I just came back from a wonderful vacation to Florida and as I begin to get back in the grind of work I reminded of the fun I just had. I needed a break and I definitely needed fun so I took a break!

Well what if you can not go on vacation? How about just setting sometime each day to take a relaxing shower or take a quick relaxing walk. My point here is when is the last time you took out some time just for yourself? When was the last time you had fun, and just had "Free Time?"

For most of you I know it has just been too long. What I am beginning to realize is that no matter how driven I am or how focused I become, I will never accomplish as much if I don't take out the time to relax.

So that is my encouraging word for today-Go and enjoy yourself! Have some "Free Time" and just have fun!!! No pressure to do anything or meet a deadline, and stop worrying about what may or may not happen. Just Relax and enjoy the day. Smile at a stranger or laugh at a joke.

Remember the last fun time you had and wrap your imagination around that until the knots of stress in your body release. You will be surprised how a little "Free Time" can make all the difference in the world.

I hope this blog catches you off guard and hits you just where you needed it today!

Enjoy TODAY!!!

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