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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life: Faith...Answers to Questions

I recently had a question about believing in the power of prayer when things have not turned out the way you have wanted them to.

I believe that we must first realize that for those who pray and believe in God that God is not under our laws of Time. For God a "Day is like a 1000 years and a 1000 years a day." I am not trying to discourage you in anyway, but this is first and an important part of God in regards to answered prayer.

The second thing we must realize is that God is a Father, and as a Father myself I realize that as much as I love my children I can not always give them what they want. I do not always give them what they want not because I do not want them to necessarily have it but rather to keep them from harm or in-correct timing.

For example if my son was to ask me for a knife to cut something I would tell him no for his obvious safety. If he said daddy I really want to learn to drive, but he is just a boy, I would tell him sure I will teach you to drive but wait for the right timing of age.

Many times we pray and do not see the answer "right away" and this could just be for one of two reasons...Either God knows what you want will cause you pain or harm or it is just not the right time. many times your answered prayer is on the way and its just "Delayed but not Denied!"

It would be foolish to go to the airport to pick up a friend or loved one and see the flight was delayed so you get discourage and say "I guess the plane is not coming so I am leaving." It is the same way with waiting for answered prayer...the answer could be on its way, but right before we receive our answer we do not recognize the delay and see it as a denial and give up way too soon.

But on the other hand let us also be realistic and learn to trust God for our best interest. Here is a story of a Man I know who prayed every day for a certain woman to become his wife. They dated on and off for sometime, and he was continually frustrated because he was not receiving his "answered" prayer to marry this woman. They eventually broke up for good and he was devastated. Years later he met a woman, they dated, and ended up getting married. The woman ended up being a catalyst to his future dreams and he accomplished alot because of her.

He came to me and told me his story and said the old phrase "Thank God for UN-Answered prayer" and I said on the contrary thank God for answered prayer!!

You see God always answers your prayer...either he answers it with a delay or a denial because of reasons you will see later, but he always answers prayer. So never stay discouraged if your request are going unmet just begin to trust that He is looking out for your best interest and what you truly need will come to pass!

Thanks and God Bless!

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