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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hope versus Intention: Do You Know the difference?

Are you hoping or Intending? I find that whenever I talk about topics such as think and grow rich or anything to do with achieving a goal, I often find that your success or failure can be wrapped up in two words. Hope or Intention. These are the two words that are keeping you either surviving or thriving. What is the difference...Well to hope is to have a goal that "Might" happen and to "Intend" is to "KNOW" that the goal will happen!

Here is a quick example: Have you ever heard someone say "I hope I lose 10 lbs this summer" and what happens??? Next summer they are still hoping the same thing.

Have you heard someone ever say "I am going to lose 10 lbs this summer!" and for that person they switched from "wishing" or "hoping" to "knowing" they were, no matter what, going to lose that weight.

Hoping keeps your thoughts in the future by always expecting that someday everything is going to be alright, Intention brings your expectation into the present by "Knowing its going to be alright" Now! Then you make up your mind that this "Is what YOU WILL or INTEND" to Do!

This is how things that you want begin to happen. Hope will keep you hoping, and intention will get you to your destination!

Once you understand the difference then you need to begin to look at your goals different. Make your goal, and begin to see it as "already done" or "know" it will happen. After you begin to switch your mentality then it is time to do the "work".

This is a major piece to the puzzle that most people miss. They want the end result and believe it will happen, but they do not do their part to making the goal happen.

This is like saying: I am going to win the lottery and you never buy a ticket. You can believe and intend all day long that you "Know that You Know" you are going to win, but if you don't get off your butt and buy a ticket you will not have any chance at it at ALL!!!

So what are you sitting on your butt about today? Having you set a goal, and You know it is going to happen but yet you still haven't done anything about it?

So what is your part in making your goals a reality? Your part is simply to do the next logical thing that will get you one step closer to your goal or intention. If your intention is I am going to lose the weight, then the next logical step is to go to the gym and get exercising. You see how this works? First you set an intention or goal then you do your part! It is that simple.

The last part is, once you begin to do your part do it with all your strength and with excellence! Do not expect a great result with minimal effort! Life just doe not work this way, so quit trying to cheat yourself from a meaningful achievement by giving half-hearted effort.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and always if you have a question then leave a comment and I will get back to you, and feel free to share this blog with your contacts!



  1. Hi my friend!!! :)

    its time to update...

  2. I agree with ya Nick. People lack the drive and determination to go after what they want. They expect it to come easy. Thats what seperates "haves" and "have nots". My wife is about to graduate with her RN. She's told me about the "haters" she's worked with while she completed her clinicals in school. They will be in a lower position than my my wife once my wife graduates. Whats stopping them from going back to school? Whats stopping them from acheiving what they want other than laziness and a self entitlement attitude. Keep up the good blogs!