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I am highly motivated and driven person. I am the type of person who sees what he wants and I go get it which sometimes gets me in trouble but other times is very rewarding. I am an aspiring Author, and I have book that is going to be released this fall which is soo exciting for me, and I will keep you all posted on it. I am a workaholic six to nine months out of the year then I tend to chill for a few months before starting something new lol. I LOVE SPENDING TIME W/ FAMILY AND FRIENDS, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, SPORTS, WATCHING MOVIES, READING AT BARNES AND NOBLE. I believe all things are possible if you believe in it hard enough and work for it till you get it. I love to travel. I have been to the bahamas (Atlantis resort is awesome), Italy (Milan), Dominican Republic, and throughout the East coast and Texas. My Favorite place is Disneyworld I am still a kid at heart and I just like to have fun but dont laugh at me too much because I'd have to hurt ya.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Are You Happy? Last Old Post

OK I just noticed that the order of these older post are backwards so start at the last blog and work your way back to this for the bolgs Date May 1, 2009-These blogs are 2-10 years old for this date. Fresh Blogs start tomorrow but I hope you enjoy the older post!

New blog today yeah...lol I havent wrote one in a while and I have an extra few minutes today so I decided to write. Anyway today Im writing about being happy. What does it truely mean to be happy? I think in today's world it is truly really hard to be happy because by definition happiness is expressed by reaction to your circumstances. That means that to be truely happy things have to be going right in your life, but if that is true then I now understand why most ppl are just not happy.

Most have problems a mile long, circumstances out of control, relationships out-of-wack, and ppl in your life who use you and mistreat you. So under all these problems how is one to be happy? Glad you asked lol... Through my own struggles and circumstances I realized that the only true way to be happy is to CHOOSE to be happy. The choice is truly yours. I realized that no one can truly make you upset or angry or mad until YOU react to them with those emotions. So if I chose to stay happy and think the best about the people in my life and my circumstances then I allow myself to remain happy.

There is just too much negativity in the world today, too many ppl hurting the ones they love the most, too many ppl not careing, not loving or not understanding eachother. I wish everyone would begin to be thankful for the little they have and just think about the ppl who have less or things worse off then you do! Realize and focus on the fact that there are better things out there for you and life gives you back what you put into it! So if you give negativity you will recieve negativity even if your circumstances are not your fault... What you sow you really do reap GOOD or BAD!! Thats just the way it works, so all though no one is perfect if we try our best to see ppl and circumstances as part of the process and learn to focus on being happy I think our lives would begin to change.

Most people think that everything happens for a reason and this is mostly true but I believe that our choices can affect the things that happen so even in Gods divine plan for our life I feel we play a part by making our own choices. He might have the perfect situation waiting on you but if you choose not to make the correct choice then you will recieve the wrong answer. Like I said before You reap what you sow. So lets stop blaming others and take responsibility for our own actions and make a decision today to BE HAPPY!!! That is all I want for all my friends today do your best to choose not to get mad or upset but be thankful for the little or lot that you have and choose to be Happy!! Well ttyl

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