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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fitness: A Jumpstart if you need it

This is my first blog on fitness. This one subject has been one of my biggest Giants in my life. So many peopl have struggled with their weight for soo many years, me being one of them, that I thought this would be something that we all can do together. So if you have helpful info that can benefit those who struggle please feel free to share. The bottom line here is that I can relate to the ups and downs of personal. Coming out of highschool I was a gym rat and later became a personal trainer and like most of us life happens and we let the priority of health pass us by. So I have recently recomitted myself to getting back in shape, and my results have been good, and I want to share a few tips that have helped me so far. I have learned a lot the past few months and trying to create a lifestyle that is manageable not some strict diet that no one could do!

I just got back from the gym and it was a tough workout but I survived lol. Yeah my goal is to get pretty lean but I want to it with a program that is fun and can be done as a lifestyle.

As for a jumpstart, It is always body, soul, and spirit for me in everything I do. For the body, I recommend a lot of protein. If you want lean muscle then go with turkey and chicken breast and a quality protein shake. Protein has to be with every meal and you should eat atleast 3 times a day. Jumpstart your day with either a quality protein shake or scrambled eggs 2 eggs max or a few slices of tky. This will really get your metabolism going. The key is to find foods that you like that are healthy. Fish is great for burning fat and it should help with muscle too but not as much as a protein shake or meat or eggs. Atleast in my opinion and with the clients I worked with in the past

The mind body connection is soo important here bc if you hate the food that you eat then that is negativity being pumped in your body and your results will vary. The other meals just need to be balanced do not worry about a typical diet just have quality protein and a carb or veggie for the other meals.

Another key is to eat when you are hungry and stop when you are almost full. This teaches your body how to control your appetite and use your instincts much like a baby does. There is a great book out that deals with this more and the sub-conscious aspect of everything it is called I can make you thin by Paul Mekka or something like that lol. It even comes with a cd that helps take away cravings. It really helped me alot. I am down 20 pounds bc of it and it has helped my workout routine and made it more enjoyable.

You would be surprised how our subconscious programming can sabotage our efforts when you are trying to get back in shape. This goes back to some of my other blogs. When you are constantly hearing or speaking negative things about your body you will begin to believe those things. On top of that it will be a program that will run automatically and and keep you from losing weight. Here is an example: If you grew up in my generation or earlier your parents probably told you to always eat everything on your plate because some poor kid in another country would be blessed to eat our scraps. We heard this soo much it has become programmed in us! Now you go to a restaurant or sit down to eat and you dont get up until you have eaten ALL the food from your plate. With portions being as huge as they are now you can see how that kind of programming can affect us when trying to get in shape. If we begin to retrain ourselves that its alright to eat until you are satisfied and not worry about alway "cleaning your plate" then we can begin to reap the benefits of a self-controlled appetite which is a key to losing weight!

for workout: Cardio is key if done before or after your first meal or right befor bed or after your last meal. It will boost your metabolism. Weight training is another key but you will weigh more bc muscles weigh more than fat so keep that in mind. I know some studies say that muscles dont weigh more then fat when you weight it pound against pound but muscles does weigh more in regards to your BMI which determines if you are obese or healthy. That is why a bodybuilder could have an obese BMI even though they do not have much fat on them.

Do you have a gym membership? For me it is so much better to exercise at a gym so I feel like I am doing something. Be careful when you choose a trainer bc alot of them use a cookie cutter approach and use old info and never learn new things. So choose someone who gives you a great gut feeling that they can help.

My last workout key is to walk in the sun for 30 minutes a day. I found a study that during spring and summer that walking in the sun boost metabolism a lot. I am going to start giving this a try myself, and I have noticed how much easier it is to lose weight when it is warm and I am outside. It has a lot to do with feeling energized in the sun which keeps you motivated to workout.

As for soul and spirit. That cd in that book I mentioned is great for reprogramming bad habits and for spirit just be happy and be positive which can be hard with up and downs of training but it is crucial to long term success. The ultimate spiritual aspect is stay thankful for the body you have , and do not be over critical of it. Be grateful that you have a body in the first place and you are alive and well. Then begin to visualize yourself in your new body with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes and see yourself as you did when you visualized your new body and be thankful for that.

I hope this has shed som light on different aspects of fitness, and feel free to share the things that have worked for you.

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