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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Family: Whats up with all these Haters???

This blog is labeled under Family but it deals with all kinds of relationship categories such as co-workers and friends.

I sometimes get the pleasure or seeing true human nature at work. One of the craziest things I see is when you have two groups of women hating on each other. I am sure you know what I mean like at the gym or at work. You have the pretty girls on one side and the not as in shape girls on the other side. One group is hating on the other group and vice versa. Maybe they are jealous because they think she got the job because she is sleeping with the boss. I bet I got your attention now lol. One case I heard recently was one lady was hating on another because the other lady had accomplished a goal that she not accomplished. When the second woman heard that the original lady was hating on her because she accomplished her goal then she returned the hater-ade saying "well if she would just shut-up and work harder she might be something!" Wow such harsh words from both parties.

This may come as a shock to you but I do not feel that either group is right or wrong, but I think the main problem most people are missing here is that most people are emotionally challenged. What I mean by this is that it is the internal dialog a person has with themself that keeps them from accomplishing their goals. They have these inner battles that keeps them from really focusing on the true problems they have in their own life. So instead of taking the time to look within and fix things they look to the outside world to find someone or something they can complain about.

We all know it is easier to complain about things then to fix things. Just like in any relationship or business or anything for that matter, it is truly human nature to point out the problem then to find the solution. So then jealousy and envy appear as a band aid to these hurting women/men because if they can judge others it will take the heat off them for a minute.

My wish is for a helping hand syndrome to take place. What I mean is put yourself in their shoes for a minute and feel their pain. No one is perfect and we all have at least one weakness. The problem is their weakness might be your strength and vice versa so instead of a helping hand we judge swiftly and often times extremely harsh.

So who is wrong here? No one, yet everyone to a point because nobody takes the time to help. We say I cant believe this or that about someone instead of sharing our keys that helped us reach our goals. In reality people are not haters they just wish they could catch a break! well what if you were their break? They obviously want what you got so why not share by example how to get there. Why not be a little more kind and understanding. I bet if you think about it were you not in a place of hurt before? Of course you were because we all have been hurt at least one time before. Pain is Pain for everyone, and pain is not judgemental so why are we? Next time you are getting a big tall glass of Hater-ade take it as a compliment because they like what you got. Then switch on some genuine kindness and see if you can help them out a little. You will be surprised how most situations can be turned around with a little understanding. Well I hope I haven't bored you to bad today.

Just my opinion and thanks for letting me share.

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