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I am highly motivated and driven person. I am the type of person who sees what he wants and I go get it which sometimes gets me in trouble but other times is very rewarding. I am an aspiring Author, and I have book that is going to be released this fall which is soo exciting for me, and I will keep you all posted on it. I am a workaholic six to nine months out of the year then I tend to chill for a few months before starting something new lol. I LOVE SPENDING TIME W/ FAMILY AND FRIENDS, OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES, SPORTS, WATCHING MOVIES, READING AT BARNES AND NOBLE. I believe all things are possible if you believe in it hard enough and work for it till you get it. I love to travel. I have been to the bahamas (Atlantis resort is awesome), Italy (Milan), Dominican Republic, and throughout the East coast and Texas. My Favorite place is Disneyworld I am still a kid at heart and I just like to have fun but dont laugh at me too much because I'd have to hurt ya.

Monday, May 4, 2009

unhappy: Part two: forgiveness when ppl and loved ones do you dirty!

The second part to being happy is forgiveness: You have to forgive all throughout the day because it is the biggest hindrance to receiving love. Un forgiveness causes bitterness and resentment which causes all manner of stress which cause you to literally BLOCK love and good feelings. So that is part of the reason you might feel un happy. This was really hard for me but I had to learn how to pray for the people that did me wrong or think nice thoughts about them or even do something nice for them. I always thought this made no sense in the bible when God says to forgive all those who do you wrong, and One day I figured out that forgiving them is not for their benefit it is for yours because if we dont forgive God will not forgive us and it will keep love and happiness blocked from our lives. So again be 100% open and honest with yourself and even if you feel you got all the bitterness out keep forgiving and thinking good thoughts daily and asking God to show you any areas where you need to forgive, Love, and appreciate.

In regards to relationships, you do not need to be a doormat either. That it is the main reason why so many people miss it. They feel they have to work on the relationship in order for it to work but the truth is you have to work on yourself first. I am not saying to be mean and deny the relationship but what I am saying is you cant give what you dont got and on either side of the relationship if you are missing something that the other one needs you have to build that part up.

The biggest problem is we try to be something we are not. We have to be ourselves and yes we should discipline ourselves not to hurt the other person but not at the expense of who you are. You have to be you and they have to be them and then you both have to figure out can we be together as we are? Knowing what you know can you set aside the difference and appreciate and love yourself first while loving them also. That is where a real relationship makes it or breaks it.

It is all a process and you should not beat yourself up everytime something goes wrong but do like God and take it step by step and appreciate each step. God created the heavens and the Earth and said "it is Good" then created this that and the other and after each step he said IT is GOOD. That is a great principle "appreciate each step."

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