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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life & Finances: Pain vs. Pleasure

This category is under Life & Finances, because as you will see this principle of pain vs pleasure relates to everything in your life. In this blog I will focus mainly on the financial and accomplishing goals side of this concept.-enjoy!

Every major decision you will ever make will be based on your pain or pleasure towards that thing. Here is an example; most of you remember dating or are still dating. Do you remember the feelings you had asking or being asked out for the first time? I guarantee that you made your decision based upon the pain of being rejected or the pleasure of that first date. How about something a little more relevant to what most us are going through, and that is the subject of MONEY! The sticky green stuff that gives most of us pain and pleasure each and every day!

When was the last time you made a decision that involved your money? A day ago? Today? A few minutes ago? I don't know about you, but there are not many moments that go by in a day that doesn't affect my money somehow.

The reality of it is that most of you go through the very same thing that I have been through, and that is why I can talk with you so plainly, because I can relate to you. The bottom line is that either your money is bringing you pain or pleasure and there is no in-between.

The last time you made a business or financial decision this is what happened; you either did the deal because you saw the immense pleasure in the chance to make money or you did not make the deal based on the pain you "MIGHT" feel if it did not work out. There is a third level also, and that is pain vs. pain or the lesser pain syndrome. This is when you make a decision based upon what will hurt less like choosing to not eat that chocolate cake even though you can taste the pleasure of it in your mind, but you choose the pain of not eating it because that pain is better then the pain of not fitting in your swimsuit this summer.

Are you starting to see how this all works? I hope you are, but if you are not let me break it down a little further using the example of finances

Pleasure: You will have pleasure on getting the deal of a lifetime and you will see the benefits of owning your own business. You will see how the only safe investment in today's economy is an investment in yourself, and you will take great pleasure in knowing that in 2009 you decided to leave all the pain behind, and you chose the pleasure of taking control of your financial future.

Pain: You will continue to live in FEAR of what "MIGHT" happen and the pain of past failures and loss will drive you crazy and you will continue to live a pain filled life. In your mind you know that this pain is better then taking a chance or a risk that might not pay off in the end, and that pain is better then any pleasure you can ever experience because you are stuck in "analysis paralysis" and no decision is better then making a decision because truthfully you are just too scared.

Pain vs. Pain: You are the person just like the one above except your pain is a little different because your pain is the type of pain that causes you to make a change. You are sick of the pain of never having enough, you are sick of the pain of just getting by, and you are sick of the pain of believing things will never get any better because when you have had it real bad long enough a little good is just fine! You are not like that though you have decided enough is enough! Pain sucks any way you look at it and sure there are risk involved and sure you are gonna have to take a chance, but anything has to be better then this crappy life you are living now!

You, my friend, are sick of pain for pain's sake, because you finally realize pain is part of the process. No one who has ever made it has made it with ease; no they made it through Pain, blood, sweat, and tears. So you decided that pain of not going for your dreams is a worse pain than leaving your dreams behind. The REWARDS far outweigh the risk, and you use the pain for your benefit.

So no matter where you are in your life it is time to start to use this principle to your advantage. Begin right now and understand that every decision you will ever make will be based on this pain vs. pleasure concept.

We all have goals we all want to "Be Something" in life, but you will never get there until you master this concept. If you are gripped by pain of previous failures then embrace it. Embrace the pain and realize that it was not a failure, but rather it was a time to realize you needed a little more time to learn. It is no more a failure then a child who is learning to walk. You would not turn to that child every time he fell down and say "Hey You suck You are such a Failure!" Of course not, but on the contrary you would say "Hey you almost did it you were almost there!" and show such excitement for your child.

That is what failure should stir up in you because that is what life is saying to you on every failure. Life is saying "Get up...Great job...You almost did it...You were almost there...You will get it next time!"

Whatever stage you at in dealing with pain vs. pleasure realize that it is just all part of the process we call life. There is no escaping this pain vs. pleasure syndrome so why try. Embrace the pain and embrace the pleasure and begin to stop complaining and start conquering all your dreams and goals right now!

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  1. This is very well said..I enjoyed reading this...