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Monday, May 4, 2009

Family: To all the single ladies Part Two: where you went wrong!

The subject of family covers many grounds such as single and married relationships, parenting, and all other kinds of relationship. So when family is the subject it wont always be a blog about a typical family situation. Thanks and just giving a heads up! Today's subject is for lady's single or married who feel lonelyand want to feel happy. Below is where you went wrong lol jk-enjoy

So where did you go wrong? It is not for me to say but I can say that you will never be happy until you are free from needing a man's approval or love to complete you. It sounds harsh and I am not saying we dont all need Love, because Love is the number one thing we need but it can not be something that is in the control of another person. You have to own your own feelings because the truth is they are YOUR feelings. We give too much power to other people to control us by what they think and say about us and they feel about us. The truth is people will come and they will go and life is of too much value to let them control our lives.

Love from another should ADD to our lives and not take away from our lives, and although Two shall become one so to speak but I think we got that messed up. It should be two complete people coming together to add value or multiply each other, but most people in relationships are two broken or incomplete people trying to be together. That never works because you are missing what he needs and he is missing what you need and it becomes a cycle of failure because no one ever stops and thinks well maybe if I was full and complete I could attract what I needed. The problem is though that it is hard to find two people to have that mentality because attraction is more powerful than reason especially in opposites. So we let attraction mess up our minds and commit to something that our reason or intuition tells us not to do.

So I believe you are in a process in which it is time for you to discover yourself. Remember what it is like to know what made you happy and be happy. It is going to be a process because you are going to have to re-discover yourself again and find out new things about what makes you happy. One key to start to rediscover personal Love for yourself and get rid of that lonely feeling is appreciation or gratitude. I like the word appreciation better because it gives more of the meaning of adding value to something. This might be hard at first because you might not "FEEL" thankful at the moment but you have to kind of fake it till you make it if you know what I mean. Appreciate everything verbally and daily and it will begin to add feelings to your heart. Express appreciation to yourself especially. This is a major way to free yourself from depending on someone else. When I pray I try to "FEEL" appreciation by feeling like I just added value to me like I will say thank you father for the sun being out today because it feels soo good. I might say thank you for the house I live in because I am glad I have a roof over my head and some people do not. I also might say I appreciate, while thinking of adding value, the ability to Love strangers and just be nice to them.

One of the main reason I believe I stay happy so much is because I sow appreciation in others. I try to always smile at people and I try to help people who ask for it and in return in makes me feel Good. It is funny how this cycle works. You have a problem and ask for my advice, I then give you advice in which you appreciate and feel better all the while I feel great because I am helping. The power of sowing anything good such as appreciation and kindness always fills your heart once you get it going.

So I hoped this has helped a few ppl out there understand feeling alone and un happy whether you are single or married.

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