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Monday, May 4, 2009

Finances: The power of choice!

The power to choose is an amazing gift, and although we all use the power of choice everyday most of us have no clue of its power to shape our lives. I hope have your attention because this is a very crucial part to your finances and success in every area of your life. I feel so strongly about this because through my own struggle I began to realize the power that conscious and unconscious choices have in our lives.

I have studied the lives of men and women who began with nothing and ended up with everything they ever wanted. I studied the lives of everyday people who were broke, busted, and disgusted also. What I found out in my personal research was astonishing.

I found out that many of the most successful people in the world had almost identical backgrounds to the men and women who were struggling to make ends meet. This baffled me because for the longest time I thought to be successful you had to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or at least come from some kind of affluent background with financial advantages.

The truth is the majority of people I researched started out just like you and me except they understood the power of choice. Many of the most successful people today would blow your mind away with the horrific stories of the struggles they have been through. Some have been raped, parents have been murdered, been through bankruptcy, divorce, foreclosure, or their business went belly up, but sooner or later they all stumbled upon the law of choice. Let me give you an example of the law of choice and its importance. Have you ever heard the old saying if a man says “I could never do that, or I can do that either way he is right.”

That is how choice works. Everyday men and women are making choices unconsciously by the words spoken out of their own mouths and the thoughts that they think. (We will tackle thoughts later.) Whether you realize it or not your words that you speak about yourself will dictate the outcome of your life.

Words are very powerful and they have the ability to direct us. Have you ever said something negative like “we could never be rich, or we could never afford a houselike that, or we could never take a vacation like that.” Then you wonder why you don’t get to enjoy those things. You just operated in the law of choice. You have the power consciously and unconsciously to help direct the outcome of your life but you must begin right now to choose it with the words you speak out of your mouth.

One day I stumbled upon the power of choice and I began to realize that any change in life begins with a choice. You must consciously decide that you will choose a better day. Start right now and choose to get out of this or any financial or life mess you might be in. This current economic crisis was created by bad decisions and choices, and this crisis will be solved by good decisions and choices.

I decided long ago, just like every other successful person, that I would choose a better life. It was not easy at all, but if I had never made that conscious choice I would have never found true riches and it is not all about money. Remember the key to this law is in your mouth. Speak to yourself and make a choice for a better today and a brighter tomorrow. You have to make that choice because no one else can make it for you. It doesn’t matter your background or how bad your situation is you can make a choice that you will survive this or any crisis no matter what. The power of choice is the foundation to everything else you will learn in life' so choose a better day Today!

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